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e Scan is a content security solution, anti spam and comprehensive Antivirus that provides protection from virus, adware, Spyware, hacking, root kits, spam, botnets, key loggers, phishing and so many other threads that could harm your system. In case, have issues in this; you can call on e Scan Technical Support Phone Number.

Working of e Scan:

e Scan has revolutionary MWL (Micro World Winsock Layer) technology which provides real time virus protection. Is has capability to block effective threads as well as start scanning for restricted content. Moreover, it also removes malicious attachments and filters other websites.   

Features of e Scan Antivirus:

Advanced features and best service make it good as compare to others. See the features of e Scan Antivirus.

  • Faster On demand scanning:

The new on demand scanning feature have Cache technology leads that provide faster scanning facility and this is light on system resources.

I addition, also scan the USB drivers, Adware and Spyware as well.

  • User Friendly Graphical user interface(GUI):

e Scan’s new GUI is designed for both expert users as well as other users who want access to both the antivirus and virus monitor with single screen.

  • Real time virus and content scanning:

e Scan Antivirus provides real time virus scanning of file, other documents, email, attachments as well as other including website such as POP3, SMTP, FTP and HTTP by using the Heuristic Algorithm and MWL technology. Besides this, also scan the content of the important data, prohibited content, obscene language and offensive.  

  • Anti Spam:

E Scan has feature to control spam by using indigenous technology like sophisticated Heuristic filters and NILP which works on the basis of particular keywords and phrases effectively.

  • Heuristic Scanning:

e Scan’s Heuristic Algorithm can detect all unknown virus which is continuously released. It protects your system from the unnecessary threads.

  • Proactive Protection:

e Scan Antivirus provide proactive protection for your computer. And also warns to the user about some application suspicious and not good for the system.

  • Logs and Extensive Reports:

All modules of e Scan Antivirus creates logs and extensive reports for Scan, update and protection as well.

  • Firewall:

It provides protection to your firewall by inbuilt firewall monitors. Also provides protection for incoming and outgoing network activities in your system and also protects all network attacks which could harm your system.

  • 24*7 Technical support:

e Scan provides 24*7 technical support to the customers and helps for related issues. You can call us at any time on e Scan technical support phone number.

  • Gaming Mode:

This feature is designed for gaming. It is enabling while playing the game on your computer and will give the notification related to unnecessary things and provide protection to your computer.  

  • Automatic compressed updates:

e Scan provides automatic compressed updates for the software and virus as well as spam definition. It will automatically update on time base for protection from the virus threads.  

  • Advanced self Protection features:

It provides advanced self protection for your system by preventing new generation to provide real time protection for your system. It will give you a warning if any website contains virus. And also clean the memory junk and provide faster speed to your computer

  • URL Filtering:

e Scan also includes the feature of URL filtering which protects your computer from the risk and virus which are not good for your PC and can harm your computer.

e Scan Technical Support Phone Number:

If you have issues when using e Scan Antivirus, you will need for the technical support. You can take support for your issues by calling on e Scan Technical Support Phone Number and solve your all relevant issues.   


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